Jun 12, 2010

Orange crush

The Los Angeles Times shuttered its Orange County printing plant today, according to Times pressman Ed Padgett:
The Los Angeles Times Orange County Production Facility, opened in 1968 to much fanfare, died on a quiet note early this morning with the printing of the LAT Extra edition.

The remaining two crews at the facility will now move to the downtown Los Angeles production facility this weekend.
There had been some hope that changes in ownership at the Orange County Register could win the plant a reprieve. It wasn't to be.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Don't worry. The new TV book plan will save the day.

Next you will see a new auto driving section, a new and exciting way to get used car info over the phone and a some micro zoning ideas that will wow the pants off of readers and advertisers.

My oh my, what a creative group of pros.