Jan 14, 2010

Editor & Publisher revived*

It's not often that a publication gets to break the news of its demise and its resurrection all in the space of two weeks.

Turns out Editor & Publisher, which shuttered two weeks ago after parent company Nielsen Business Media sold it off, is back in business after its sale today to Irvine-based Duncan McIntosh Co.

From E&P:

E&P's new owners announced plans to publish a February print issue and continue the magazine's monthly print publication schedule. Online reporting on its Web site, editorandpublisher.com, began immediately upon the close of the transaction Thursday. ...

Mark Fitzgerald, a 26-year veteran, was named as E&P's new editor. He had most recently served as E&P's editor-at-large.
The story also included a little plug for the new owners:
Duncan McIntosh Co. Inc. is the publisher of several well-respected boating magazines and newspapers, including Boating World magazine; Sea Magazine, America's Western Boating Magazine; The Log Newspaper; and FishRap. The company also produces the Newport Boat Show in the spring and the Lido Yacht Expo in the fall.
Are there boating magazines out there aren't well respected? Anyway, good to have E&P back and out of exile.

*Update: The news isn't all good. Two of the most recognizable names at E&P were dumped as part of the deal. Greg Mitchell, the former editor, and senior editor Joe Strupp did not make the cut for some reason. (Strupp said in a Twitter post that it wasn't a good fit... you have to wonder if E&P is going to be more "publisher" than "editor".)

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