Jan 15, 2010

L.A. Times national security reporter goes to college

Josh Meyer, national security correspondent for the Los Angeles Times, is leaving the paper to take a job at Northwestern's Medill journalism school. Meyer was a frequent guest on "To The Point" and his reporting will be missed. His new gig, however, seems timely and worthy indeed.

Here's part of his goodbye email to staff (via LA Observed):
I’ve decided to accept an offer from Northwestern University’s Medill journalism school to help it build a National Security Journalism Initiative.

It wasn’t easy, given how much fun it has been to work for The Times, and more recently, with my Tribune colleagues here in DC, and to watch the daily miracle of seeing so many talented people working together to create such great journalism, both in print and online.

But after much soul-searching, I decided that this is too important, and novel, an opportunity to pass up. We’ll be trying to create something that will play a key role in the urgent effort to figure out how to teach—and how to do—the all-important kinds of national security journalism in this changing news environment.
The complete memo is here.

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