Dec 10, 2009

Editor & Publisher to shut down

Perhaps marking the reality that there are fewer and fewer editors and publishers, Nielsen Business Media announced today that it will shutter the newspaper trade magazine Editor & Publisher. E&P has been around since 1884.

The company also plans to sell a number of its brands, including The Hollywood Reporter, to Global Media Holdings.

From E&P:
Greg Mitchell, editor since 2002, has hailed the staff and accomplishments, including a dozen major awards and strong showing on the Web for many years. Some staff writers/editors have been at E&P for a quarter of a century. "I'm shocked that a way was not found for the magazine to continue it some form -- and remain hopeful that this may still occur," he said.


Mike Rappaport said...

Sad to see. I know times have changed, but back in the pre-Web days of the '80s, I got two different jobs through the E&P classifieds.

I wonder how many people bought E&P just for the jobs advertised. I know that was the first place I looked every week.

Another funny thing I remember about E&P -- whenever the bosses saw someone with it in a newsroom, there was always the feeling of "Oh, they're looking to get out of here."

Anonymous said...

How bad is it when they can't figure out a way to keep it on the web?

Anonymous said...

Yes, the business model has changed. Yes, newspapers and individuals have probably reduced subs. But, the last poster is exactly right. How bad is it when this publication can't figure out how to keep the doors open with an online model?

ome on folks, why would anyone take the sub any longer? I can get it all for free online which is the same problems newspapers face. However, this publication is not replicated elsewhere...why no go?

aybe they should have hired the same brilliant minds who are screwing Dallas...wait, they did.

Anonymous said...

Who will chronicle our demise?

Anonymous said...

the web will...and it is free.

Anonymous said...

To 6:39: Way to be there for our industry. You sound like my clients.

Anonymous said...

The blogs will chronicle our demise. They are already doing so.

Don't blame them, blame the Singletons and others who never found a way to make the web work for them.

Anonymous said...

And consider the links between the Colorado-based media empire and U.S. foot dragging on climate change, so apparent in Copenhagen. Who stands to benefit from shorter winters? Who benefits from the lack of reporting on climate warming? Don't blame the blogs, blame those who never found a way to make the winter work for them.