Dec 11, 2009

Four in the morning

1. Remember when Dean Singleton said that it no longer mattered "whether your [news] desk is down the hall or around the world"? Well, more and more newspaper owners find themselves in agreement as they make plans to outsource their news desk functions. Alan Mutter

2. The New York Times plans to lay off as many as 26 editorial employees in the coming days to reach its goal of eliminating 100 positions - 76 newsroom staffers agreed to take buyouts. NY Post

3. The metro editor for the San Gabriel Valley Newspaper Group reviews the "Climategate" controversy and concludes that global warming is a hoax. SGV Tribune *(McClatchy has a primer on "Climategate" here.)

4. Time magazine and CNNMoney "de-clutter" their web pages to make room for bigger ads and cross promotion: " is also pushing its content partners like Huffington Post, AOL, and others in a prominent box of current headlines in the right rail of the page." min online


Anonymous said...

they are only in agreement because it is cheaper. period. don't tell me the quality of your coverage is not impacted. memo to industry, if you like the way your business is going, keep looking to singleton for sage leadership. as long as he gets the gold, he doesn't give a crap about the safety of miners.

Anonymous said...

Gary, surprised you missed the announcement in Ed Padgett's blog about LAT closing down their OC production facility. That's a big deal and says a lot in a lot of different ways.

Anonymous said...

I hadn't heard that either. Amazing, the once great newspaper, three plants, growing circulation and revenues, solid leadership, reduced to maybe not even being in business...all in less than 15 years. Very, very sad indeed.

Anonymous said...

LAT news is shocking. Wow.