Dec 12, 2009

GOP fashion statement

The Orange County Register snapped a shot of Irvine Councilman and Assembly candidate Steven Choi wearing a picture of Nancy Pelosi as Joseph Stalin on his back. The indecorous decoration angered liberal blogger Dan Chmielewski:
To portray Pelosi as Stalin, a mass murderer of millions during his reign of power, is nothing short of outrageous. Choi owes the Speaker an apology. He owes his fellow city council members an apology. He owes the residents of this city an apology for his embarrassing antics.
But Choi is comfortable with his use of tea party-esque agitprop. He told the Register:
I'm a Republican Party member and went there to express my disapproval of her policies ... I have big concerns with what is going on with the government pushing down the mandated health issues ... As a small businessman it would impact me.

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