May 20, 2009

Election results

The five statewide propositions, Props 1A-1E, that would have dealt with the budget went down in flames. Not a single one of them cracked 40 percent support. Proposition 1F, the mostly symbolic pay freeze for lawmakers in bad budget years, won with almost three-quarters of voters supporting it.

Carmen Trutanich won the race for Los Angeles City Attorney, beating Jack Weiss 55.7 percent to 44.3 percent. Trutanich took the early lead and never relinquished it.

Barring a Republican miracle, Board of Equalization member Judy Chu will be heading to Congress to replace Labor Secretary Hilda Solis. Chu, a Democrat, won the primary battle for the 32nd Congressional District with 31.9 percent of the vote. State Sen. Gil Cedillo came in second with 23.4 percent and Emanuel Pleitez proved to be a factor with 13.5 percent. Chu will go on to battle Republican Betty Tom Chu in a July 14 runoff, which Judy Chu is expected to win easily.

The race to replace Weiss in LA's 5th City Council district may be too close to call. Paul Koretz is ahead of David Vahedi 50.5 percent to 49.5 percent, but the difference represents only 335 votes.


Vicente Duque said...

Video : Judy Chu, the New Political Winner in California presided the marriage of two males - She even ate a big chunk of the Wedding Cake !

Judy Chu will probably replace Hilda Solis in the U. S. House of Representatives. She won the Democratic Primary on May 19, and she will face another Chinese Lady, a Republican, that also has the name Chu ( Incredible ! ), the republican is a cousin.

She resisted Proposition 8 in California, during 2008.

October 27, 2008
California Board of Equalization Chair Judy Chu joins other Asian Pacific Islanders leaders at a press event and rally in Little Tokyo to oppose Proposition 8.

Support the No On Prop 8 campaign by rating, commenting on, favoriting, and sharing this video with your friends.

API Leaders Say NO to Prop 8 - Hon. Judy Chu

Vicente Duque

Anonymous said...

Whoa, Vicente.