May 19, 2009

(Not quite the) election results

Early count: In the 32nd Congressional District race, Board of Equalization member Judy Chu charged is dominating with just under 10 percent of the precincts reporting. She has a 42 percent of the total to state Sen. Gil Cedillo's 17 percent. Absentee votes must have gone for her heavily.

As for the statewide propositions: All of them are losing, as expected - except for Proposition 1F, as expected. 1F would freeze legislators' salaries in deficit years.

Updated 8:26 p.m.: Carmen Trutanich has a slight lead over Jack Weiss in the race for LA City Attorney. It's 52-48 with about 12 percent of the precincts reporting.

Updated 8:31 p.m.: SGVN is posting updates on the 32nd Congressional District race here.

Updated 8:43 p.m.: In the contest for LA's 5th City Council district, Paul Koretz has a 6 point lead over David Vahedi with about 10 percent of the precincts counted.

Updated 8:49 p.m.: In other news, Marc Ambinder of the Atlantic sent out a tweet saying the California Supreme Court could rule on Proposition 8 - the gay-marriage ban - tomorrow.

Updated 9:56 p.m.: Although ballot counting continues slowly, there has been little movement on the statewide propositions (1A-1E) - they are all losing by wide margins. Meantime, Proposition 1F, which voters see as punitive against lawmakers, is winning easily.

Updated 10:13 p.m.: California voters have resoundingly rejected all five budget propositions (1A-1E) on the ballot, leaving the state government with a $21.3 billion hole to fill. Will recall efforts against the Republican lawmakers who voted for the last budget deal make it easier for Democrats to peel off votes for the next one? Will the state seek federal loan guarantees to keep California's credit line from freezing up? Are Californians ready to revolt - and who would lead the charge?

Update 10:25 p.m.: In the 32nd Congressional District race, Sen. Gil Cedillo has closed the gap on Judy Chu, though he still has a ways to go to catch up. With 31 percent of the precincts now counted, Cedillo has 21 percent of the vote and Chu 32. If Chu holds on, she's almost certain to win the the July 14 runoff against the top Republican vote getter.

Update 10:41 p.m.: Judy Chu 35 - Gil Cedillo 23, with 46 percent of precincts reporting.

Updated 10:46 p.m.: LA City Attorney's race: Carmen Trutanich 52.5 - Jack Weiss 47.5, with 30 percent of precincts reporting.

Updated 11:02 p.m.: Judy Chu 33 - Gil Cedillo 25, with 65 percent of precincts.

Updated 11:04 p.m.: Trutanich 54- Weiss 46, with 43 percent of precincts.

Updated 11:05 p.m.: Going to bed.

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