Jun 10, 2008

Times on the Times*

A new editor, Home Shopping Network host Annie Gilbar, has been hired to launch a reconstituted Los Angeles Times Magazine under the direction of the business-side of the paper, according to a story today in the New York Times:
The plan for the magazine was set in motion months ago. A new editor and others were hired, future issues were planned, and mock-up covers were made — all without the knowledge of anyone in the newsroom, including the top editor, Russ Stanton, the executives said. Mr. Stanton and other high-ranking editors learned of the plan last week, they said.

But the executives who described the plan cautioned that it might have changed since last week, after editors raised objections.


As recently as a week ago, top editors at the paper were not sure whether [Publisher David] Hiller would eliminate the magazine. But the executives who described the coming changes said the publisher decided months ago to keep it alive with a new staff. Some earlier versions of the plan called for some degree of newsroom oversight, they said, but not the most recent one.

They said that a new editor, art director and photo editor had been hired for the magazine without anyone in the newsroom being told.

*Updated: LA Observed has the memo from LA Times Editor Russ Stanton addressing the future of the magazine.

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Shintzer said...

First Court TV, now the Home Shopping Network.