Jun 10, 2008

We'll give you less so you don't have to ignore as much

The Dallas Morning News is the latest to adopt the "quick-read" newspaper, with its planned launch of the free "Briefing" in August:

John McKeon, president and general manager of The Dallas Morning News , said the publication is aimed at time-crunched families, such as busy dual-income families with children at home and who aren't currently subscribers of The News.

Last week, San Jose Mercury News editor Dave Butler announced plans for his and other MediaNews Group properties to turn the Monday and Tuesday papers (traditionally the papers with the lowest daily circulation) into "quick reads":

We will likely have some newshole cuts in light of a 15%-plus increase in the price of newsprint for the next year. One thing we're exploring - as are a number of other MNG newspapers - is to produce "Quick Read" Monday and Tuesday newspapers. As you all know, we've been moving down this path for some months and would likely continue to do so, particularly tightening up Monday.

Incidentally, McKeon headed the Los Angeles Newspaper Group prior to leaving for the DMN, and Butler is the former editor of the LA Daily News.

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Anonymous said...

Golly, I must have missed something.

I have thought for quite a while that the socal Singleton papers were a quick read all seven days.

Maybe they aren't delivering the entire paper.