Jun 9, 2008

Comings and goings

From LA Observed:

Newspaper defection of the day: Award-winning Press-Telegram reporter Wendy Thomas-Russell leaves Friday after ten years, I'm told. I'm losing count of how many staffers are ankling the LANG papers, but low pay, growing workload, declining readership, desperate bean-counters and a bleak future will do that to a place.

Meanwhile, the union at the Press-Telegram plans to rally tomorrow.


Anonymous said...


Who will be left to write/edit the LANG mess that has been created in the last six months?

Doesn't anyone in Denver realize the deadly spiral and vacuum of leaders here?

Who ever is calling the shots in this market is a joke.

My respects to those who continue to have to put up with it.

Anonymous said...

Good for her! This company deserves no loyalty. You get what you give...

Anonymous said...

Um NO ONE is left already - LANG is dead in the water, and sinking fast.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Wendy.

Talent needs to work where it is appreciated and not stabbed in the back by those who have no ability or skill sets.

Is Singleton really a visionary or the merchant of death for the business?

He may give a good speech but does not practice what he preaches.