Apr 16, 2008

Debate! Debate! 3

After Obama says we should talk about issues of substance, we get another question about patriotism. Why doesn't Barack wear one of those flag lapel pins!? Obama says he shows his patriotism by doing good work. He needs to learn the word "owe," I think. As in, I owe a debt or I owe gratitude to my country.

Stephanopolous: Obama, how about that friendship with the former Weather Underground member? Obama says he can't be held accountable for the statements/politics of every person he knows or is friendly with. Clinton says it's fertile ground for Republicans and so should be turned over a bit more. Obama strikes back: By that calculus, you can't be president cause your husband pardoned two members of the Weather Underground. Oh, snap! (I think.)

Commercial break... An opportunity for me to note how completely bizarre it is that one of the men asking questions at this debate has his job because he worked for the husband of one of the candidates.

Back to a woman-on-the-street question: Is the promised withdrawal from Iraq real or fuzzy? Clinton says she'll bring home the troops no matter what, except that it be in a "responsible and careful manner." Wiggle words?

Obama says he'd direct the generals rather than be directed by them.

So, what about Iran? Obama says he'll directly engage with Iran, but will take no option off the table to prevent it from getting nukes. He gets a little tongue tied in trying to say an attack on Israel is an attack on us.

Clinton will engage Iran diplomatically, but never talk to its nutty president. She'll take a regional approach. Never let Iran get nukes.

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