Apr 16, 2008

Debate! Debate! 2

Clinton sort of leaves Obama's response to her response about bittergate alone, says other people said it was a fucked up statement, and then promotes herself. Smart to move past it.

Next, we get to relive the Rev. Jeremiah Wright controversy. Why did it take Obama so long to repudiate the man? He responds with a short summary of his Race Speech.

Charlie then asks Hillary if all of the church members should have walked out, as she said she would have done? She throws her own double-reversal neck kick, noting the church people choose is, um, a reflection of that person's values as she reminds everyone Wright blamed America for Sept. 11. You do the math.

Stephanopolous follows up by asking Obama if Wright is as patriotic an American as Obama is. A little tussle over whether Obama said he disowned the man - no, Obama says, not the man but his words. Oy. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices Obama.

Clinton sees the blood and brings out her daggers. This is ground that needs to be re-explored, she says. And speaking of re-exploration, Stephanopolous steps in with a question about Clinton's credibility re: sniper fire in Bosnia. She apologizes, says she wasn't as accurate as she was in the past in relating the story. But it was EXPERIENCE, she reminds Tom the Disenchanted Hillary Supporter who asked the question.

Obama takes the high road. Let's not get so obsessed with gaffes that we miss the point of the election. Good timing.

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