Apr 16, 2008

Debate! Debate! 4

No new taxes? Clinton: I'm committed to not raising taxes on middle income Americans, but will let the Bush tax breaks lapse for those making $250,000 or more. I'll not only not raise them, I'll lower 'em.

Will you raise the capital gains tax? Obama cites this article and says he's trying to restore some balance to the tax system.

Asked the same question, Clinton reminds everyone that she's Bill Clinton's wife. Remember the good old days? (Probably the most effective line she'll deliver all night.) She then says she'd cap any increase at 20 percent (up from 15).

The two then sparred over lifting the cap on the payroll tax as a way to keep Social Security solvent. Obama says he will lift the cap. Clinton says she'll figure it out after she's elected.

Another commercial break... Did I mention how fucking bizarre it is that George Stephanopolous is only at this debate because he works at ABC News because he used to work for Clinton's husband?

And we're back. Topic: Guns! Hillary respects the 2nd Amendment and will bridge the divide between gun-rights folks and gun-control folks. Obama gives a flustered answer, but says he believes in an individual right to bear arms. Does Clinton support the DC gun ban (which is before the Supreme Court)? Er, ums. No blanket rules from federal government, she says. They've both pandered themselves into a corner on this one.

On affirmative action, Obama promotes a plan that still takes race into account, but includes poor whites and excludes privileged minorities. Clinton seems to agree with it, but I'm not sure.

Gas prices! Clinton wants a windfall profit tax and seems amenable to moratorium on the federal gas tax. Also wants to investigate commodities traders and to release oil from the strategic reserve. Obama: ditto, adding that we need to raise the fuel efficiency standards for cars.

How will you use former president George W. Bush? Clinton: Hmm, I'll look for a way, but it'll be hard. Obama: I'll talk to his daddy. Correct answer: On humanitarian missions, like battling AIDS in Africa.

Commerical break... Clintonopolous

Boy, this is really a retro debate. Back to all the old issues. So, how about those superdelegates?

Clinton: I'll tell 'em we need a fighter back in the White House. Tax cuts for middle class. Make everybody feel like part of the American family again. Champion. Tackler of issues. Remind them of my track record and experience (minus sniper fire). Thirty-five generals want me to lead, to rebuild military. Turn economy around. Going to ask Pennsylvania voters for help first.

Obama: Nation at war, planet in peril, economy in shambles. American people have lost trust in government. I bet on American people. Lift people up. Stop spin. Honest conversation. Change happens from bottom up. No PAC money, no lobby money. Obamaroots. If we're gonna deliver, we need new political coalition in country.

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