Dec 7, 2010

Jack Kyser dead at 76

Jack Kyser, the guru of Southern California economic analysis and go-to expert for media here and around the world, died Monday. He was 76. Marc Lacter at LA Biz Observed has a short look at his career.


Mike Rappaport said...

Most of the readers on this site will never know what Jack Kyser meant to local journalism, but I found him a wonderful source during the six-plus years I worked as a business reporter and editor.

He was always co-operative and always returned calls. He was also knowledgeable about every subject I ever asked him about.

Rest in peace, Jack.

Anonymous said...

Jack was a class act. At my many years at a large LA newspaper, anytime we had a question or needed Jack to visit us in person for a speech or a small lunch, he always made time and always delivered.

Thank you Jack, a true professional and a good guy.