Dec 7, 2010

AOL Patch continues to hire

The AOL Patch network of city blogs continues to expand in Southern California.

Redmond Carolipio, formerly night editor at the San Bernardino Sun, will take over as assistant regional editor for San Gabriel Valley Patch sites.

Melanie Johnson, who got laid off from the Press-Enterprise in Riverside and was a former Sun reporter, will edit the city of Walnut and City of Industry patch sites - expect a good deal of news about Ed Roski Jr.'s planned football stadium project.

Gina Tenorio, who worked at the Desert Sun in Palm Springs, will become editor of the Loma Linda Patch.

Apparently, AOL wants these two Patch sites up and running by Dec. 13.


Anonymous said...

interesting. good for them. is it true that aol patch is a sweatshop though and editors have to work 70 hours? anyone out there know?

Anonymous said...

The story is several months old, not sure if it has gotten any better.

Anonymous said...

Journalism has always been a tough profession. Patch, like anything else, works for some people, not for others.

Yes the hours are long. Yes the editors are tired. But then many of us used to work for LANG. Nuff said.

Right here, on Gary's blog I read about the coming furloughs. A good friend of mine, still with LANG is hanging on for dear life because this means she will have to make sacrifices.

I will advise you all to do one thing, check out the bios of some of the Patch editors. Hmmmmmm.