Sep 23, 2010

Four today

1. eMeg Whitman, Republican candidate for California governor, is the 332nd richest person in the world and only one of 34 women to make the Forbes 400. Gawker

2. Getting a handle on the SEO slave-drivers in the newsroom. Nieman Journalism Lab

3. National Journal continues to beef up, hiring Patricia Wilson from Reuters as the deputy editor-in-chief. The news magazine was criticized for being too male dominated in its new hires. Poynter

4., the fund-raising news site, has a 10-month gig for a reporter/editor to cover "overlooked, quality-of-life issues across Los Angeles." Journalism Jobs (via LA Observed)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The Washington Post reporter in the Nieman piece comes across as the sort of whiny dinosaur that needs to ushered out of the industry.

Complaining that she is occasionally tasked with inserting SEO friendly terms into her leads? Big deal.

Daily news writing is inherently formulaic. Her suggestion that SEO terms are somehow interfering with her prose comes across as petty and self-absorbed.

Perhaps she would be better served pursuing a career in creative writing or poetry to preserve the integrity of her art.