Aug 2, 2010

Maywood's mysterious city manager, update

Angela Spaccia has resigned as the interim city manager for Maywood, the cash-strapped city that she helped to convince to turn over its administrative services to the neighboring city of Bell - a troubled city where, until a couple weeks ago, Spaccia had served as deputy city manager and was paid, along with other top administrators, an exorbitant salary.

Spaccia's sudden departure leaves Maywood with a skeleton staff in City Hall and without a city administrator to oversee it. But it also spares the Maywood City Council of the embarrassment of having to explain why she was continuing to serve as interim city manager after being fired from the city providing the services she was supposed to oversee.

From the Los Angeles Times:
In an e-mail to City Council members, Spaccia said she was resigning out of concern that the growing media attention would detract from Maywood's ability to move forward with the financial and structural reforms needed, said city spokeswoman Magdalena Prado.

Her departure from Maywood, though, leaves the city without a leader.

She had been serving as Maywood's top executive since February. For the first three months, she worked without any pay from Maywood as part of a mutual-aid agreement with the city of Bell. Beginning in May, Maywood began paying the city of Bell $10,000 a month for her services. That was part of a three-month contract that would have ended Aug. 12.

Spaccia oversaw Maywood's dramatic decision last month to lay off virtually every city employee and disband its Police Department. All day-to-day municipal operations were outsourced to Bell for $50,833 a month. Prado said that agreement would not be affected by Spaccia's departure.

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