Jul 29, 2010

Maywood's mysterious city manager

As Assistant City Manager in the city of Bell, Angela Spaccia made $376,000 a year. She also serves as interim city manager for the neighboring city of Maywood and was integral in the deal last month that turned over city administrative services to Bell after Maywood collapsed under the weight of its excessive financial obligations.

Last week, Spaccia was forced to resign her post in Bell, along with the city manager and police chief, over public outrage at the insanely high salaries the three administrators were pulling down.

Spaccia, however, continues to work as interim city manager for Maywood. In fact, the Maywood City Council seems quite pleased with her, according to the city spokeswoman. And because Spaccia's resignation from Bell does not become effective until September, she is expected to continue on as Maywood interim manager. But who will be paying her salary?

Also, is the Maywood City Council concerned at all the top administrators of the town that's taken over Maywood's services were forced out amid scandal?

Apparently not. The Maywood City Council is scheduled to have a meeting on Monday when these subjects could come up. The city agenda I saw online mentions nothing about her job, however.

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Anonymous said...

This whole thing is about contracts, and people like Pedro Carrillo who is on payroll at cudahy, which folded services into maywood, where Carrillo is a consultant, then folded it all into Bell where, you guessed it, Carrillo has been assistant city manager.

George Cole owns a foundation that takes millions in city contracts, and people like carrillo manage a stable of city employees and elected officials that keep the money flowing. Someone needs to uncover all of this.

And as long as the political muscle guy, Carrillo, is at the helm in Bell you can be assured that nothing is getting cleaned up