Aug 31, 2010

Belo building walls

The Dallas Morning News plans to put stories written by the staff or about the Dallas Cowboys behind a paywall. Wire service copy and stories less than 150 words would be available for free on the newspaper's website, according to News Tech. From the story:
Seven-day-a-week print subscribers will still be able to see all of's content free of charge. The Morning News charges new subscribers up to $33.95 per month for home delivery, and $37.95 for mail delivery, among the industry's steepest subscription rates for a general-circulation daily.
The Morning News is owned by Belo, which also owns the Press-Enterprise in Riverside. It would seem logical that if the paywall succeeds in Dallas that something similar would be erected out here.


Anonymous said...

This would have been a nice move about two years ago, at least the DMN has the quality to back it up.

I'm not sure why pay walls are even worth a is business.

calwatch said...

And with, there is "good enough" coverage. Remember, when newspapers charge, there is always the TV station or radio report to summarize the key points. For most people, that are cheap, that's good enough.

Anonymous said...

In typical newspaper fashion, closing the barn doors after the livestock gets out. At least they are trying which is better than most.