Jul 7, 2010

Beverly Hills Courier is anti-LAT

Somehow I don't think the Beverly Hills Courier is a destination paper even for laid-off Los Angeles Times reporters. But just in case, the Courier has made clear in its online help-wanted ad that former full-time staffers "need not apply." Interestingly, the small daily pays better than many of the larger MediaNews Group newspapers in Los Angeles. fishbowlLA


Anonymous said...

Calling any Medianews newspapers large today is a crock. Maybe compared to the Courier, but large left the building three years or so ago.

The fact that they pay more than Medianews is not a surprise. Summer interns get paid more than those reporters at MN.

Anonymous said...

Dean will rule the world and you will grovel at his feet.

Anonymous said...

suspender boy isn't returning to glory.