Mar 10, 2010

The 119 words you can't say on (Tribune) radio

Randy Michaels is a list maker.

The CEO of Tribune Co. drew up a list of 119 words and phrases he never again wants to hear on the company's talk radio station, WGN-AM (720), and has asked staff to rat each other out if any of the banned "newsspeak" gets uttered on air.

The list is a mix of AP style and personal irritants. Most examples are perfectly reasonable, such as bans on the meaningless "going forward" and cliche "perfect storm." Some are oddities, such as banning "white stuff," which I assume is used to refer to snow. Then there are words that no one wants to use but are sometimes unavoidable, such as "reportedly" and "officials."

The whole list is here.

(found via Romenesko)

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