Nov 17, 2009

Hits-based journalism*

Tony Pierce, Los Angeles Times blog editor, sent a memo to the troops yesterday. LA Observed got a copy - here's a portion of what was said:
Saturday, I am happy to report (though not surprised), Top of the Ticket had its biggest day ever. Yes, it was bigger than any of those debates, it was bigger than when Sarah Palin explained to the world the difference between pit bulls and hockey moms. Saturday Top of the Ticket, thanks to a tip from a sharp-eyed Times staffer, got more readers than when the United States elected its first Black president.

Indeed, a story that eventually was linked from the Drudge Report in 48 pt bold about Barack Obama bowing to the Emperor of Japan blew away the hits of those other historic days in American history. And this was a post published at 3:38am.
Is there any sweeter success in journalism than a link on Drudge?

*Update: Top of the Ticket writer Andrew Malcolm seems to be going for his second Drudge link in a week.


tony said...

yes, i think there is a sweeter success story in journalism than a drudge link. and i mentioned that in the second half of the leaked memo: it's group coverage of live events delivered in a timely way where the traffic arrives naturally via search.

but thanks for the mention!

Anonymous said...

So it's a string of blurbs at a bunch of canned events AND a Drudge link that together make for no "sweeter success story in journalism." Remember that, Times folks, when the grim reaper comes knocking again next month asking for 50 to 100 heads.