Sep 11, 2009

Four today

1. Chi-Town Daily News finds nonprofit to be not profitable. CTDN (via Romenesko)

2. ProPublica managing editor: The work is different, the job's the same. LAT

3. So who leaked the tape of California Assemblyman Mike Duvall bragging to Assemblyman Jeff Miller about his sexcapades? TPM*

4. Comedy writer Larry Gelbart, best known for MASH, has died. LAT

*Update: I've heard the story, now reported at Editorials From Hell, that FlashReport blogger Jon Fleischman had an axe to grind when it came to Assemblyman Mike Duvall and so was motivated to push the tape of Duvall boasting about his trysts into public view. The story is that Duvall fired Fleischman's wife, Maureen. Fleischman told the OC Register's Brian Joseph that his wife resigned. Even if there was friction, and even if Fleischman did turn the tape over to KCAL for broadcast, and then published his own story seconds later, there's still a question of where he got it from - did Fleischman comb through hours of committee hearings on a hunch? Did Jeff Miller's chief of staff, Brandon Powers, turn it over to him (Powers denies any involvement)? Did a lobbyist listening to the hearing decide to leak the information at just the right time?

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