Sep 14, 2009

Entrepreneurial journalism

A prominent television news anchor in Las Vegas was caught on tape trying to play both ends of a newsroom investigation into a local tire chain, the Las Vegas Sun reports.

Nina Radetich, an anchor at station KTNV, introduced several stories about a state consumer affairs probe into customer complaints about Tire Works. Days before the first segment ran, Radetich tried to drum up a little business for Jack Finn, a former spokesman for Sen. John Ensign and Radetich's boyfriend. Radetich suggested Finn could help the owner of Tire Works push back against the negative publicity from the stories.

KTNV's general manager called Radetich's actions a lapse in judgment, but told the Sun that it had no effect on the station's reporting.

Finn said his girlfriend "did a pretty good job of upholding her ethical standards" - I'll assume he's only speaking of her standards, and not the ethical standards of others.

(via Romenesko)

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