Aug 19, 2009

Barely news

It may shock you to learn that local television stations don't always have the highest standards when it comes to their news broadcasts. KNBC seems eager to wallow in this reality, as illustrated by the screen shot of the station's top stories captured by Kevin Roderick at LA Observed.

Roderick writes:
Notice in the screen grab that the very top story in the left-hand column is that PETA ads feature stars who also are...naked. Not visible is another story slightly down page about celebrities in bikinis, with a photo of Britney Spears. I know local TV stations are on life support these days, but geez.
Indeed, everything on the page starts to look like a double entendre.

Roderick adds:
Perhaps this all fits with KNBC's hire yesterday of Alycia Lane, a newscaster-slash-tabloid fave who first came to national attention for her bikini photos — a hire that one newsroom source calls a real "head scratcher" in these times of cutbacks.
You might also have noticed in the upper left of the page NBC's new mood rating tool, which is designed to make you feel part of it all.

I am laughing at NBC.


Edward Barrera said...

You all are too sensitive on the West Coast. This is an average day in tabloid New York. Heck, they'ld even have a knickname for the suspected killer by now.

Anonymous said...

The Bikini Stalker?

Gina T. said...

I take your poing Gary. But I'm sorry, when it comes to television news, I can't work up any outrage over this. I've come to expect it. Guess the New York media's influence has rubbed off on some of the press here.

Anonymous said...


calwatch said...

Historically, KNBC has always been the most "serious" of the LA newscasts, for whatever it means. They never run car chases, they had great political reporters like Laurel Erickson and Doug Kriegel, and and do all that election coverage. The morning show with Shocknek and Vara was straight up the middle and didn't do the silly games of the other stations. We expect KCAL to sex up with Mia Lee and Jackie Johnson, or KTTV with Jillian whatever her last name is today, but not KNBC. That makes it more outrageous. If Ron Fineman were still alive, he would probably wish he were dead, or at least not living in the LA market, with how far the low standards of LA TV have dropped.

Anonymous said...

Hey, leave Jackie Johnson outta this. Just ... leave her be.

Anonymous said...

I bet the mayor is happy about having this New York chick coming to more for his harem!