Jul 6, 2009

OurLA gets underway

Former LA Daily News editor Ron Kaye has formally launched his Our LA website - a beta version has been up for several weeks now. From Kaye's email message:
At OurLA, you will be the reporters and bloggers. You will create forums and help evolve the site into the one place on the Internet where all the important news of LA can be found and quickly accessed.

OurLA is a nonprofit run by myself without salary and a by a small number of paid and volunteer professionals. With your help we will manage the site by bringing together available content from community websites and blogs and the mainstream as well as provide in-depth stories on important topics.

We will also develop useful databases, a calendar of upcoming events, discussion forums and much more.
Kaye says he has raised some money to get the site going and will raise some more to keep it going. Meantime, he's asked readers/writers/contributors for a list of "all blogs and websites you know of that deal with LA civic and political issues, be they Neighborhood Councils, homeowners groups, issue-oriented organizations, service clubs or whatever else you find useful."

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