Jul 6, 2009

Four in the morning

1. Tribune Co., the owner of the Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune, still ekes out a profit, although the margin has shrunk significantly since the company filed for bankruptcy in December. Chicago Business via LA Observed

2. Cowboys and tyrants. George W. Bush wants to display Saddam Hussein's pistol at his presidential library: "He wants people generations from now to see the gun and say, ‘He got the bad guy.’" . NYT

3. In praise of the copy editors and the proper punctuation they leave behind: "They're skeptics who revel in the arcane. They know the difference between median and mean, and can speak knowledgeably about topics from Methuselah to the Milky Way. They write headlines, design some pages, check facts and make sure assertions are supported. They spend entire careers working horrible night-shift hours." WaPo

4. Growing up in the "incarceration generation." - "Parental imprisonment has emerged as a novel, and distinctly American, childhood risk that is concentrated among black children and children of low-education parents." NYT

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