Jun 1, 2009

Nonprofit news site launches

The latest in nonprofit news production comes from the Kaiser Foundation, which has launched Kaiser Health News, self-described as "an editorially independent ... nonprofit news organization committed to in-depth coverage of health care policy and politics."

The writing staff is impressive: Three successful newspaper reporters, from the LA Times, USA Today and Congressional Quarterly, serve as correspondents, and more hires are expected. The editors, hailing from the Wall Street Journal, NPR and the Baltimore Sun, have a fair track record of success themselves - including a Pulitzer and a Peabody.

From the Welcome page:
In these dire times for the news industry, the birth of a news organization is a rare bright spot. We hope Kaiser Health News will make a vital contribution by covering health care policy and politics, as well as trends in the industry and delivery of care. With an historic debate on the health system underway, we’re looking forward to having a front-row seat.
The website includes an interview with White House health care czar Nancy DeParle and a story about how New Jersey's health-care system illustrates the challenges ahead for national health care reform.

Kaiser Foundation President Drew Altman wrote about the site last month.

It's unlikely nonprofit foundations alone can save the news industry, but they can fill the niches left by newspaper downsizing. KHN is also accepting health-care stories from freelancers:
We welcome freelance ideas from professional journalists if they are about health care politics and policy. Right now, we are not taking freelance video or audio pitches. Please Contact Us, Attn: Peggy Girshman.

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