Jun 1, 2009

Four today

1. The Syracuse University school of journalism, which trains students for careers in journalism, plans to honor Arianna Huffington with a lifetime achievement award - something Simon Dumenco at Ad Age finds ironic, considering one of Huffington's greatest achievements is convincing journalists to work for free. Advertising Age

2. The Redding Record Searchlight trims an inch of width off the newspaper and touts the move as a both a favor to advertisers and an act of environmentalism. Redding.com (Meanwhile, the New York Times Magazine cuts 9 percent from its print size to save money. E&P)

3. LA Weekly Editor in Chief Laura Ochoa is leaving the alt weekly - details to come. fishbowlLA

4. Hearst builds walled gardens and grows revenue inside. New York Times


Anonymous said...

I'm unclear why Redding's move is a big deal? They now have a 48 inch web, while many papers have 46 and 44 inch webs? What am I missing?

Anonymous said...

re: Redding. I think the point is the BS way they're pitching it.