Jun 25, 2009

Jackson's death and the LA Times*, **

The Los Angles Times website must have seen a spike in traffic like never before as people from around the world search online for news of Michael Jackson's sudden death this afternoon. At one point, I clicked on the home page and found that the top story had reverted back to news that Jackson was hospitalized, even though the paper had already put up a story confirming that he had died. Right now I'm only getting error pages when I try to log onto the site.

*Updated: Deleted my cache and cookies and now the page seems to be loading correctly.

**Updated, 6/26: LA Observed has the memo from executive editor Meredith Artley laying out the numbers. Looks like 12 million page views yesterday.


Anonymous said...

The extensive sourcing that large newspapers have is invaluable at a time like this. Unfortunately some of it has already gone by the wayside with all the buyouts of veteran reporters.

Anonymous said...

No better place to live when there's a story like this one. CNN is a joke. It's so interesting to me to witness the shift from fawning over the guy from 4-7pm to where we are now...a harsher look at a pretty screwed up guy. The circus doesn't pull into town. It's here year-round.

Anonymous said...

TMZ broke the story. not the la times. interesting.

Anonymous said...

actually this shows more and more the rise of other platforms, TMZ CONFIRMED his death more than an hour before the Times and has been right about every facet of this story, and the Twitter and Facebook crowds took the story around the world.

The LA Times got beat bad on this, and continue to lose.