Jun 9, 2009

Four in the morning

1. Forget about anti-trust and collusion and unworkable online subscription models - the Associated Press could be the Google News for newspapers. Temple Talk (via Romenesko)

2. The geography of job losses - and gains. Tipstrategies

3. A really first draft of history: Wikipedia updates of current events make Google News. Nieman Lab

4. Chinese rescue workers have recovered the bodies of two American climbers killed in an avalanche while trying to scale Mt. Edgar in Sichuan Province. The search continues for Lancaster native Micah Dash. Watershed News


Anonymous said...

Exactly what momentum is the supreme leader talking about. The momentum of losing money. The momentum of a weak sales effort. The momentum of news reductions. The momentum of not a clue how to compete. The momentum of a work atmosphere that sucks...that momentum? Silly me.

Rahul said...

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