May 4, 2009

Trying to recall

Richard Mountjoy and nine others have launched a recall campaign against Assemblyman Anthony Adams, R-Claremont, the Sacramento Bee reports. Mountjoy, who's served in the Assembly ('78-'95) and state Senate ('95-'00) and whose son, Dennis, served in the Assembly, said he'll run for the seat if Adams is knocked out of office.

The internecine battle is rooted in Adams' vote for a budget bill in February that included taxes. Former GOP chairman Mike Schroeder and Atlas PAC head Lee Lowery, both of Orange County, are said to be the real power behind the campaign. Here's how Adams responded:
"The petition you hold is the creation of two very wealthy Orange County men who care less about our community and more about their own political ambitions. They want us to pay $900,000 in our hard earned tax dollars to pay for another election and their partisan political games...because Adams stood with taxpayers and working families and against their reckless agenda."
(That's Mountjoy up top, Adams below)

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