May 5, 2009

Four in the morning

1. The New York Times Co. decided yesterday to withdraw its threat to shutter the Boston Globe in 60 days after the company won concessions from six of the seven unions representing Globe workers. WSJ

2. Platinum Equity of Beverly Hills has completed its purchase of the San Diego Union-Tribune and has appointed Paul Bridwell, "an experienced turnaround specialist," to restructure the newspaper. U-T

3. The Los Angeles Times also hires people. Shane Goldmacher, the 25-year-old political blogger behind the Sacramento Bee's Capitol Alert, will move to the Times Sacramento bureau in June. Capitol Alert via LA Observed

4. Even The Onion is having financial trouble. fishbowlLA


Mike Rappaport said...

Just curious, Gary. You have a wonderfully informative, insightful Website, but the only time you seem to get a lot of comments is when you write about Media News, LANG, etc.

Is that frustrating? I try not to comment on LANG topics anymore because I seem to draw the snipers, but I read your other stuff too.

It's very good.

Anonymous said...

A lot of the stuff is good, but I suspect the people in LANG are desparate for accurate info and this is one of the few places they can get it.

Anonymous said...

The comment box is one of the worst aspects of most sites. It dilutes the news and people try to be funny and snarky and pay off some fantasy that they have to be a legitimate reporter. Frankly, this commenting on news and facts is ridiculous and out of control. Who cares what people think?

Mike Rappaport said...

I tend to agree with you, 7:47. It's one of the more ridiculous aspects of our dying industry.

Most of the time there's no way of knowing whether the person is commenting from their own intelligent background or just regurgitating something they heard.

Of course, with 2 trillion or so bloggers, it's somewhat the same.