Mar 13, 2009

Jarvis on Stanton on Twitter

Los Angeles Times Editor Russ Stanton is speaking today at "The Future of News" conference at Harvard Law School, where BuzzMachine's Jeff Jarvis just tweeted the following:
Stanton says they are going to cut the circ of the Sunday magazine in half in April to go just to the demos advertisers want.
Jarvis also twittered this...
Stanton says pay for news is "not a practical or realistic solution to our woes."
and this...
Russ Stanton is talking about how he brought the LATimes to the web as innovation officer.
Read all of Jarvis' TFON Tweets here or watch the conference here.

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Anonymous said...

Jeff Jarvis is a twit who tweets. The guy who thinks free is going to work, despite five year of evidence.