Mar 3, 2009

Four in the morning

The Columbus Dispatch to cut 45 staffers ... The Los Angeles Times ends California section today ... Is the pen mightier than the (concealed) pistol? ... What sells is what's being cut


pasadenapio said...

The Times will come to regret that decision.

Anonymous said...

As a journalist AND a holder of CCW permits in two states, I am sickened that a newspaper would publish the names of those who hold permits. Disgusting. By and large, anyone who carries concealed has had to pass a number of background checks and must have a squeaky clean record. One of the questions on the application is (paraphrasing to best of my recollection) "Do you have any history of mental illness, or are you taking medications for the treatment of depression or any other mental illness." The whackjob mentioned in the story LIED on his application. So now the other 99.99% of us get to pay for it. Niiiiiice.