Feb 12, 2009

Media in the media

Stephens Media, which owns the Las Vegas Review-Journal, suspends its 401k matches. E&P

Alan Mutter says MediaNews Group and Morris Publishing have a 72.9% chance of defaulting on their debts. Reflections of a Newsosaur

Mark Potts looks at the better online news sites. Recovering Journalist

Five Los Angeles Daily News copy editors reportedly took buyouts rather than transfer to West Covina. LA Observed

One more:

The Economist asks whether newspapers will find a home on the Kindle. Economist


Anonymous said...

that 72.9% appears to be a little light. they ain't going to pay it.

and gosh, copy editors leaving the daily news to avoid most likely a 45 mile commute each way to west covina to probably get laid off anyway. seems harsh on their part. who wouldn't want to do that. the joy of working for medianews should outweigh those small hardships.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Singleton's plan is working like a charm...