Feb 12, 2009

City-without-a-newspaper panel

SPJ in LA has expanded its "Imagine a City Without a Newspaper" panel. Here's the latest list of guests:

Carolina Garcia, executive editor, Daily News

David Lauter, editor of the California section of the Los Angeles Times

James Rainey, reporter, Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky

Geneva Overholser, director, USC Annenberg School of Journalism

Fox TV's John Schwada will host.

The event takes place on Feb. 18 and will be held at the Metropolitan Water District, 700 N. Alameda, starting at 6:30 p.m. For tickets or information, call (323) 593-3350, or email spjlosangeles@gmail.com.


Anonymous said...

Seeing Carolina Garcia's name on the panel is laughable. The Daily News staff is being decimated under her (lack of) leadership.

How can she manage to speak at a public panel when she rarely comes out of her office to speak to the staff in her own newsroom?

Anonymous said...

So true.

Anonymous said...

looks like another stellar hire by ed moss, what a joke.

Anonymous said...

C'mon guys! It is called "City-without-a-newspaper" after all.