Feb 24, 2009

Domesticating the Times

In addition to the recent and planned layoffs and buyouts, the Los Angeles Times continues to scale back its foreign coverage. From Kevin Roderick at LA Observed:
Now, I'm told, Spain-based international investigations reporter Sebastian Rotella has accepted an offer he couldn't refuse to return to Los Angeles, Jerusalem-based Ashraf Khalil will leave the Times to stay in the Middle East, and Chris Kraul also turned down a return ticket to L.A. and will stay in Bogota, Colombia to freelance.
I'm most familiar with Rotella, who has done a superb job following the "war on terrorism." Khalil's departure, combined with the loss of the Chicago Tribune's Jerusalem bureau chief, leaves coverage of this vital region thinner at a time when you want fatter.

LA Observed also reports that a food writer, a readers' representative and two veteran administrative assistants lost their jobs last week. And, in what might be an inconvenient truce, San Fernando Valley reporter Jennifer Oldham leaves the Times just as the Daily News recedes to the Valley.

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