Jan 8, 2009

A tough year for LANG

Singleton's Los Angeles News Group has had a difficult 2009. A brief recap of the first eight days:
A universal copy desk
A universal copy desk will lead to job cuts
Job cuts hit LANG's Inland Valley and San Gabriel Valley papers
Job cuts hit the Daily News, Daily Breeze and Press-Telegram


Mike Rappaport said...

The only reasonable prediction to be made from all of this is that 2009 is LANG's last year.

Not that all these papers will fold, but they will not be owned by Singleton next year if they still exist.

These are desperate moves.

Anonymous said...

Singleton's reign and in particular his California newspapers will be a great history lesson on how not to run a business. If you went out and actually tried to run a business to oblivion, you could not do a finer job than this team. Way to go!

Anonymous said...

If you went out and actually tried to run a business to oblivion, you could not do a finer job than this team.

I haven't seen a single reason to believe that's not exactly what they're trying to do.

Take an established industry, a value stock in investor parlance, and treat it like a growth stock. Why?

Dean Singleton and his partners are making money with every deal and every layoff. The only thing they're not doing is acting in the best interests of long-term viability.

Maybe they don't care about the long term? If immediate profits are the goal, they've accomplished that marvelously. Why do we insist on thinking that he's in this for the long haul?

Their plan is to bleed these companies dry, then dump them and move on when there's no more money to squeeze out. Wait and see...


Anonymous said...

I've heard Dean's health isn't the best... he's probably cashing in early so he can have an even more opulent retirement.

Lets not forget he runs the AP too. Thats probably part of a big plan to use all wire content within a short time.

Anonymous said...

Now word is the Daily News Publisher is out.

Newshound said...

A couple of years ago, the Daily Bulletin lost a terrific reporter. Sara Carter was one of the top experts in the country on border issues, and won national awards for LANG.

She went to the Washington Times, and there were some people who thought it was a shame she was going to the Moonie paper.

But Sara had the last laugh. If she had stayed in LANG under Lambert, she would have been working for the one boss in the country worse than the Rev. Moon.

Anonymous said...

if that publisher is out, that is at least one that makes some sense.

Anonymous said...

I knew sara carter. she was OK but hardly the messiah you are making her out to be. She wasn't really that big of a loss.

Newshound said...

You miss the point. It wasn't about Sara, it was about someone who landed a better boss by working for Rev. Moon.

Anonymous said...

I don't get it. Rev. Moon is the messiah?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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