Jan 8, 2009

Cuts at the Daily Breeze*, **

Here are the cuts I've heard about at the Daily Breeze thus far:
Bruce Hazelton, photographer
Andrea Hayashi, administrative assistant for features
*I'm told a sports writer and a features writer also lost their jobs today. I'll update with names when I get them.

**Here's the memo to staff from Editor Phillip Sanfield:

I'm very sorry to report that we experienced more newsroom layoffs today. Unfortunately, four journalists were laid off in the Breeze newsroom due to the continued economic tailspin we find ourselves in. There were also layoffs in the advertising department, as well as at some our sister LANG papers. We lost dedicated, talented employees. I'm deeply saddened by it, both personally and professionally.

Between these departures and last Friday's announcement of the likely move toward a consolidated newsdesk, this has been the most challenging time in my tenure at The Breeze. Certainly 2009 is starting on a difficult note at our newspaper, in our industry and for our nation's economy. While I can't say when things will improve, I do pledge to work hard to keep us focused on producing the top-quality local content that you all do so well. Try not to minimize the great things we do here, even with a reduced staff.

Toni and I plan to meet with you by section starting either Friday or early next week to update you further.



Anonymous said...

Bruce as been at the Breeze for at least 30 maybe 40 years!

Here's to the Daily Half-Ass - the South Bay's bastion of mediocrity . . .


Anonymous said...

Thanks, jackass (Anon at 5:19 p.m.), for making us feel even worse on a bad day.

Anonymous said...

Bruce was at the Breeze for just under 30 years. I think about 28 years. I also think he was the most senior photographer on their staff

Anonymous said...

When i heard the MNG was buying the Breeze I felt sorry for them, after all being a MNG employee isn't exactly an badge of honor. Many in their newsroom left MNG papers to avoid working for Singleton.

Anonymous said...

Bruce is a sweet guy and the kind of colleague who makes working at a newspaper interesting. How many photogs do you know who played against the Harlem Globetrotters as members of the Washington Generals? He will be missed.

Anonymous said...

Bruce was extremely helpful to me when I was starting out as a reporter. He carries a great deal of knowledge, talent and passion. Andrea H. is an amazingly gifted and kind person with an enviable skill set. In many instances she was the magic hand behind the scenes making things happen. She, too, carries a ton of institutional and community knowledge. In a way, Singleton is robbing the South Bay blind. Sadly, residents take a local daily for granted. Only after it's gone do they realize they should have rallied.


Anonymous said...

What's lefty of Singleton's subscribers at the rate the papers are going down from ok to they suck really won't give a crap when they go bellyup. Oh, I forgot, their web business is expanding. Try buying an ad on their web site.

Anonymous said...

bruce was a mainstay of the breeze photo department ..a great guy with a keen eye...
andrea was the glue that held features together for years - a very talented woman who got little credit.
they were both a pleasure to work with and it's very painful for all those who know them to see this happen.