Jan 12, 2009

From lynching to lionizing

Change has come to the West Hollywood house where then-vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin once hung in effigy and faux flames licked at a likeness of then-presidential candidate John McCain seen emerging from the chimney.

Now on display is a large reproduction of Shepard Fairey's famous poster of Barack Obama and, atop the chimney where McCain once roasted, stands a tall black mannequin dressed in a Superman costume - except Superman's 'S' insignia has been replaced with Barack Obama's campaign logo.

I'd have taken a picture if A. I had had a camera in my car and B. I wasn't fighting traffic on my way to work. If I get one, I'll post it.

Speaking of Echo Park-based Fairey, he has turned his artistic talents to the cause of mutts, according to The Eastersider LA blog.

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