Oct 28, 2008

Antonovich: Palin effigy a hate crime*

L.A. County Supervisor Michael Antonovich, a staunch Republican, wants authorities to investigate the hanging of a Sarah Palin effigy outside a West Hollywood home as a hate crime. Here's the press release:
LOS ANGELES COUNTY — Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich raised concerns over a display depicting Governor Sarah Palin hung in effigy and a likeness of Senator John McCain emerging from a fiery chimney -- and directed County Counsel to work with the District Attorney to determine whether a hate crime was committed.I drive past the home on my way to work and didn't at first realize that was McCain crawling out of the faux burning chimney.

“This is a deliberate hate crime and should be condemned – had this stupid act been done to Senator Obama, there would appropriately have been a national outcry,”
said Antonovich. “The definition of a hate crime includes insults, or offensive graffiti, images or letters targeting a person because of his or her membership in a certain social group including gender, sex, or political affiliation."
P.S. I drive by the house (it's on Fountain near Fairfax) on my way to work each morning. I remember first seeing the McCain effigy emerging from the chimney - although I didn't know it was supposed to be McCain. As of Oct. 29, the Palin effigy is still up.

*UPDATE: The Palin effigy came down this afternoon (10/29).


Anonymous said...

Puhleeze. The displays are snide, sanctimonious and obnoxious, and I would sooner vote for Palin's son-in-common-law than listen to the screed of the people what done it. But when loons pull a stunt like that, it is free expression, and neither hate nor a crime. Antonovich strengthens the grip of the left on free spreech when he gives credence to the left's Orwellian damnation of disagreement as hate/crime - and weakens freedom of expression for everyone. Antonovich should say: That's obnoxious and contemptible, but free expression is our top value. And we'll say so the next time some Westside wingnut claims something a conservative says is a hate crime. Cuz it won't be a crime then, neither. Somebody viral out the 1st Amendment, please.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Antonovich is really bent out of shape over this event in his district, too: