Dec 5, 2008

Cuts at Daily News (Updated from earlier today)

Ambiguous assurances aside, the Daily News is making more newsroom cuts. I'm told a sportswriter was let go yesterday and that one or two more staffers could get pink slipped today. There are also rumors of reassignments and further shrinking of the print product.

In a related vein, I've also heard rumblings that LANG is in discussions to have some of its papers printed at the Los Angeles Times' printing plant.

*UPDATED: Three Daily News reporters lost their jobs: prep sportswriter Gerry Gittelson, 11-year film critic Glenn Whipp and reporter Justino Aguila. That comes in addition to the departure of Antelope Valley reporter Karen Maeshiro, who quit after the AV section closed. She was told she could stay on at the paper, but only if she commuted to Woodland Hills.

I'm also told the DN Travel section will fold and that travel writer Eric Noland will be reassigned to the metro desk. LANG sports editor Kevin Modesti has also been reassigned as a metro reporter.


Anonymous said...

Gittelson was with the paper for at least 11 years himself.

Anonymous said...

What a crappy thing to do. They probably left Glenn file his Friday film review and them canned him.

Merry Christmas, Singleton style

Anonymous said...

Gee, I guess the HR professional talking about layoffs was incorrect. What a shock.

The travel section should have been cut out over a year ago as was the recommendation. Seems the brain power left in the organization is getting dimmer by the day. Most of us thought that was not possible.

As usual, a classy way to let people their service is no longer needed.

Anonymous said...

LANG is making it very easy for readers and advertisers to NOT purchase their newspapers. Clearly, all indicators point to that direction.

Can't wait to see the next ABC circulation report.

Of course, readership will increase because of all those additional eyeballs on their web sites.

Don't think so! And, if so, why is online revenue not increasing. I am not talking about moving revenue from print counted to online as is the custom at newspapers, especially LANG.

Anonymous said...

Watch for the reduction of 10 more editorial heads before the end of January.

Anonymous said...

Golly gee Jim J. You wouldn't be lying earlier would you?

My guess is there will be more than 10.

And, editorial won't be the only area hit.

Appears the higher ups could use some thinning too.

Anonymous said...

Kevin Modesti and Eric Noland have been with that paper for years. It's terrible that all their work and dedication doesn't seem to matter to Mr. Singleton. That paper has gone downhill so fast it's scary.

Anonymous said...