Dec 3, 2008

We won't , unless we do

Worried falling ad sales and a bad economy would lead to more layoffs, the guild representing the Press-Telegram and Daily News newsrooms asked LANG's head of human resources for any assurances he could give either way. Here's what the guild reported back to members:

In response to several inquiries about rumors of more lay offs at the Daily News, after one week, two email communications and a phone call Jim Janiga (Sen. VP of Human Resources) responded via email that there are no lay offs planned, but as the economy worsens we can expect there will be more. Also, he has no idea of what department(s) would be affected.


Anonymous said...

What a bunch of BS.

He knows there are more layoffs planned even if the economy doesn't worsen.

Just once it would be nice to hear the truth.

How do you know if a LANG HR person is lying? The lips are moving.

Anonymous said...

LANG is moving toward exit from the industry. If you still work for the company, make your own plans accordingly. Look ahead six months - or more - and make the professional changes you need to make for your own benefit ... made all the more difficult by an economy that has far to go - down. If you are still with the company, plan your own exit before the reductions catch up with you.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the newspaper industry is the next one to get a 'bailout' from our government.

Anonymous said...

I vote for a bailout!