Nov 4, 2008

Votes, not bombs

Bill Ayers, perhaps the most famous person you'd never heard of before this election (with the exception maybe of Joe the Plumber...and Sarah Palin), voted this morning at a Chicago polling station just minutes before Barack Obama arrived. From the pool report, via Hotline On Call:
Pool Report, per Amy Chozick, The Wall Street Journal

As your pooler waited for Barack Obama to arrive at the Beluah Shoesmith Elementary School, Bill Ayers showed up with his wife to cast his vote. Newsweek's Richard Wolffe first noticed Ayers. Your pooler confirmed his identity after yelling out "Mr. Ayers, who did you vote for?" He turned around but did not answer. An official from the Chicago elections board told your pooler sternly not to yell at the polling station.


Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

How cozy that he and Obama vote at the same polling place. Some things never change.

Jay said...

I heard that Ayers and Obama met for coffee beforehand so Ayers could tell him how to vote. Obama is his puppet after all and completely under his control...