Nov 4, 2008

Rationing the payoff

Any newspaper reporter who has covered an election knows that the only reward, other than getting the chance to file copy after midnight, is the cheap pizza the bosses buy for the hungry troops. At the News & Observer, the director of newsroom operations (whatever that is) instituted a two-slice limit.

In a move that proves America is still the land of plenty, no matter the economic meltdown or newspaper implosion, executive editor John Drescher nixed the limit and opened the pizza boxes to all.

This may be a teachable moment.

(h/t Romenesko)


Todd said...

In 2006, San Gabriel Valley News brass told the Star-News to right-size pizza out of the budget for the four reporters there until after midnight. My mother stopped by and bought us some pies.

Anonymous said...

Aw, you can always count on Mom. Thank the lord I'd already left the Star-News.

Anonymous said...

Another classic example of looking for pennies as $100 bills float over their heads.

When will they ever learn?

Maybe they can start charging for parking and install pay toilets too.

How about charging for a prime work space like some air carriers now do.

Bet the holiday festivities this year will be wonderful in the land of LANG.