Nov 6, 2008

Singleton lays off reporters indirectly

The battle between the Eureka Reporter and the Singleton-owned Times-Standards has come to an end, with the Reporter agreeing to shut its doors and layoff its staff:
The Reporter statement said most of the newspaper's staff will not be retained, which Burstiner said is sad both for the paper's current employees and for crops of [Humboldt State University] journalism graduates looking for entry-level jobs in the profession.
Dean Singleton's MediaNews Group sued the upstart paper for millions of dollars under an allegation of unfair business practices. I wonder if that helped push the Reporter over the edge?:

Singleton said the suit, which sought millions in damages, may have played a role in Arkley's decision to close The Eureka Reporter, but is now moot.

"We will not pursue the lawsuit,” Singleton said. “It's not an issue anymore."

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