Nov 6, 2008

All states accounted for

AP has called the last of the hold-out states in the 2008 presidential election: North Carolina falls into the Obama column, giving him a final tally of 364 electoral votes to John McCain's 173*.

Why doesn't that add up to 538? Because one electoral vote in Nebraska remains outstanding (Nebraska and Maine both apportion electoral votes by congressional district rather than by state).

Meantime, Democrats have won 57 seats** in the Senate - three shy of a filibuster majority. There are three Senate seats yet to be decided - Alaska, Minnesota and Georgia - and Republicans hold small leads in all of them. The Georgia seat - Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R) vs. Jim Martin (D) - is likely to head to a runoff; the Minnesota contest - Sen. Norm Coleman (R) vs. Al Franken (D) - faces an automatic recount, and in Alaska - convicted Sen. Ted Stevens (R) vs. Mark Begich (D) - all of the votes have yet to be counted.

*Only NBC has called Missouri for McCain. Other outlets have yet to assign the state.
**Two of those seats are held by independents who caucus with the Dems. One of those independents is Joe Lieberman, whom many Democrats consider a turncoat for his criticism of Obama during the campaign.

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