Oct 12, 2008

What bad decision-making looks like

The blogger "Libertarian Conservative" at Political Byline has posted an angry and racially charged attack ad aimed at Barack Obama. And when I say angry and racially charged, I mean the ad pictures the black Democratic candidate alongside a noose with the words "asphyxiation" and "The Fucking Solution."

See the ad here.

The 36-year-old blogger (he lives in Detroit and suffers from ADD - read his "about me" page) claims he put up the ad as a frustrated response to nasty attacks leveled against Sarah Palin by "Anti-American, God Hating, Baby Killing, Fascist bastards" - a taste of their own medicine, in other words.

He has this to say to any liberals who doesn't get his point:
It seems that a few Liberals have spotted this posting and one even wants to organize to get my ads pulled. Good luck with that! Anyhow, any liberal who doesn’t get it, is just terminally stupid.
(Hat tip to Simon Owens at Bloggasm for pointing me to the site.)

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